The Different Considerations You Need To Make Before Using Hemorrhoid Ointment

Posted on February 16, 2017

There are a few considerations for you to take when purchasing an hemorrhoid ointmentHemorrhoids are a rather painful, yet quite common, condition that many people experience on a daily basis. While the majority of people will choose over-the-counter medication to treat this ailment, it is important to take certain considerations into account before using the ointment. This article will provide insight into hemorrhoid ointment and the different effects it can have on a user.

Does The Ointment Reduce Inflammation?

The primary purpose of any hemorrhoid ointment is to treat the infection and reduce the inflammation of hemorrhoid; therefore, yes it can shrink swelling. The ointment has this shrinking effect by operating as an astringent substance reducing inflammation when applied directly to the area. Of course, astringents are not only available in this over-the-counter treatment. If you are interested in alternative options, it is possible to use certain red wines or teas. Witch hazel is a very common astringent used by midwives for females who have just given birth.

Another substance that can reduce inflammation, and is another type of hemorrhoid ointment, is phenylephrine. This shrinking agent shrinks blood vessels. Due to the fact that hemorrhoids are caused by inflamed blood vessels, the phenylephrine is effective in reducing the swelling. Phenylephrine-based hemorrhoid creams are the more popular types of hemorrhoid ointments and can be found at pharmacies.

Does The Ointment Do Anything Other Than Reduce Swelling?

In addition to the reduction of inflammation, ingredients in the hemorrhoid ointments can act as an anesthetic to relieve the pain associated with this condition. A common symptom of hemorrhoids is pain and burning; therefore, application of these ointments can assist in providing a soothing feeling for the individual. It is also possible for the ointment to reduce irritation and any feelings of agitation for mild to severe cases of hemorrhoids.

Are There Any Side Effects To Using Hemorrhoid Cream?

As with all forms of medication, it is imperative that you consult a doctor before using hemorrhoid ointment as there are certain side effects that can be experienced. For individuals with diabetes, heart conditions, or other blood-related disorders, there is a chance that the ointment can have negative effects and product labels should be read carefully before use.

Additional, although rare, side effects can include headaches, dizziness, arrhythmia, anxiety, shaking, and insomnia. It is also possible to experience allergic reactions to the cream, such as a rash, itching or swelling of the mouth or throat. If you experience these reactions or have trouble breathing, it is imperative that you contact a doctor immediately.

How To Choose Potassium Rich Foods

Posted on December 16, 2016

Are you getting enough potassium in your diet? Many of us try to eat healthy by paying attention to our intake of proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and fats—and counting calories, of course. Find out more about mouth guard for sleep apnea from Positive Health Wellness – We might add a daily vitamin pill just to be on the safe side. All of this is fine, but it won’t guarantee that you are eating the right amount of potassium-rich foods.
Why We Need Potassium
All living cells in plants and animals require the mineral potassium to function properly. Potassium is one of the major electrolytes in the human body responsible for regulating the heartbeat, blood pressure, kidneys, muscle movement, and the balance of fluids in the body. This mineral is also necessary for converting the simple sugar glucose to glycogen, the energy reserve the body uses to fuel muscle movement. An insufficient amount of potassium can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, kidney dysfunction, low blood pressure and heart arrhythmias.

Anyone who has experienced a charley horse—the sudden cramping or spasm in a muscle in your calf or leg—probably was experiencing a potassium imbalance, as well. This problem often occurs after you’ve exercised a lot without drinking enough water. Being dehydrated impedes the ability of electrolytes—like potassium—to function properly. That’s why sports drinks, which contain electrolytes and minerals like potassium, are recommended for this problem, along with massage.

Foods with Lots of Potassium
Sports drinks may be recommended for an emergency fix for a leg spasm, but the best way to get enough potassium is to eat a varied diet that regularly includes potassium-rich foods. This isn’t hard, since so many food groups—legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, meat and dairy—provide potassium. Some of the best choices include:

Dried fruits (apricot, figs, plum and raisins)
Cooked beans (edamame, white, lima, and navy)
Baked potato
Winter squash
Beet greens

Plan Your Potassium-Rich Menu
The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults get 4.7 grams (or 4,700 milligrams) of potassium per day. Cooking Light has a handy list of potassium–rich foods with their mineral content to help you plan an optimum potassium-rich menu.
With so many choices, you can be inventive. For instance, this recipe, Acorn Squash Stuffed with White Beans & Chard, includes acorn squash and white beans, two high-potassium ingredients, as well as tomato paste. You could easily substitute beet greens for the chard to really boost your potassium intake in this single dish.

Chile-rubbed Salmon with Papaya and Scallions adds the sweet, delicate flavor of potassium-rich papaya to grilled salmon, which has numerous health benefits in addition to its potassium content.

You don’t have to crunch the numbers all the time to calculate whether you are getting enough of this crucial micronutrient. These tips will ensure that potassium-rich foods play a regular role in your diet:

Keep a supply of nut-based trail mix on hand for snacks.
Add a handful of raisins or chopped dried apricots to a green salad.
Experiment with salsas using tomatoes, mango, papaya and avocado; use them to brighten up grilled salmon, chicken, steak, or serve with corn chips or crackers.
Blend a whole banana, yogurt and orange juice for a potassium-rich pick-me-up.
Get to know your beans. White, navy, edamame, and Lima beans are easy to cook and versatile in soups, vegetable or meat stews, side dishes and salads.

If you are not getting a sufficient daily amount of potassium, take the time to add more high-potassium foods in your meals. You may find that you have more energy—and those annoying charley horses may become a thing of the past.

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